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Marijuana Growers Insurance

Business Insurance Designed for OMMP approved Cannabis Growers & Cultivators in Portland, Bend and Medford, Oregon

We provide cannabis/marijuana crop insurance coverage for OMMP (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program) approved growing and cultivation operations of all sizes, including greenhouses and nurseries.  Similar to agriculture and business insurance with other crops, we can help protect the investment and hard work your have put into your medical marijuana business operation.  Our agency has offices in Portland, Bend and Medford, Oregon and is Oregonian owned.  Her are some of the insurance lines we can use to protect your Oregon based medical marijuana business, including required coverage for the OMMP:

  • OMMP Compliance Coverage
  • General Liability Coverage
  • Oregon Buildings/Equipment/Crops
  • Finished Stock/Marijuana in Oregon
  • Transit/Delivery Coverage
  • Theft/Fire/Vandalism
  • Wind/Hail/Falling Objects
  • Other Standard Perils
  • Workers Compensation

Here are the types of medical marijuana/cannabis business insurance we offer in the State of Oregon to OMMP approved businesses.  We can work with custom underwriting to get specifically what you need if it differs from these options:

Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Insurance Basics (OR)

General Liability Ins. – Medical Marijuana Businesses (OR)

Income Insurance – Medical Marijuana Businesses (OR)

Inventory Insurance – Medical Marijuana Businesses (OR)

Product Liability Ins. – Medical Marijuana Businesses (

Property Insurance – Medical Marijuana Businesses (OR)

Talk to a friendly, compassionate agent today for an estimate on Cannabis Dispensary Business Insurance in Oregon.