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Marijuana Insurance Types

Oregon Insurance for Medical Marijuana/Cannabis Businesses

Oregon medical marijuana business insurance basics

Oregon medical marijuana business insurance basics

We can provide you with the insurance you need in for your Medical Marijuana business in Oregon, to protect y0u from risk if your business undergoes some type of misfortune. All businesses need to have proper insurance. This does not exclude your cannabis/marijuana business operation, which should be safe and secure with the right protection.

Many people assume that medical marijuana business insurance is very expensive and unattainable in Oregon. Medical marijuana industry insurance is actually very reasonably priced and secured through our local agencies in Portland, Bend and Medford. We can provide you with general liability, property coverage for your furniture fixtures, equipment, inventory and tenant improvements for an affordable price. All of these make our medical marijuana/cannabis dispensary insurance coverage comprehensive. This will help your marijuana business stay on its feet, should some type of calamity or unfortunate event arise.