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Product Liability

Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Product Liability Insurance

Oregon marijuana product liability insurance

Oregon marijuana product liability insurance

How many times have you heard of businesses getting sued due to unexpected reactions to their products? How many patients have tried to sue different companies by making claims that certain medicines have affected them negatively? Unfortunately, this is all too common. Sometimes, even false claims end up winning. That’s why we can provide you with Oregon Marijuana/Cannabis  product liability that will protect you from lawsuits. Why would you risk paying the expenses of potential claims when we could take care of that for you?

Our agricultural insurance will protect your Oregon Marijuana/Cannabis business from being sued by medical marijuana patients who have undergone inadvertent side effects.  The expense of hiring a lawyer to defend a claim, even a nuisance lawsuit can be stagger and cause a business to fall.  By purchasing product liability insurance the policy will provide coverage for not only the potential indemnity payment but also the cost to defend the lawsuit.